Autumn – Perfect Time to Sell Your Home and a New Boiler Will Help!

As our summer evenings draw to a close and get a little cooler, the property market starts to heat up. It is well-known that the property market is quieter during the summer months, as most of us are enjoying the sunshine either at home or on holiday. But come September, normal life resumes, and it is a popular time for people to start to think about moving home.

If you are one of those people looking to sell your home, it may be interesting to know that a new boiler can add thousands of pounds to the listing of your home, along with a stronger chance of a quick sale.

Older boilers are clunky, loud and environmentally unfriendly. A new, eco-friendly and quiet boiler is an instant selling point to potential new owners. Whilst many of us will want to try and avoid spending money on something that we are about to give up, the housing market is competitive and tricky. As much as a new boiler may not be the cheapest tactic to improve your selling chances, it is a strong move and gives people peace of mind when buying. Improving the chances of a quick sell is also invaluable, avoiding long listing times and numerous amounts of viewings.

It is also common for people to negotiate on asking prices due to the state of the boiler, or even adjust the offer, once the surveys are completed if its apparent that the boiler is not in a good state. This should be a strong case to consider if your boiler is over 10 years old.

Please feel free to contact us at Add Heat if you are considering selling your home but are conscious that your boiler may be past its best. We can advise you on the best boiler for the property and explain all the warranties and guarantees that you can tell any perspective buyers about to help give them reassurance that the new boiler will be in good condition.

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