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We are local, trusted bathroom installers who can bring your bathroom ideas to life.

We install all bathroom brands and can help with design too.

Why use Add Heat as your independent bathroom installer?

Our experienced bathroom installation team will work with you to ensure you get the bathroom look that you’ve been dreaming of.

Using Add Heat as your independent installer, we won’t tie you down to one bathroom brand. You can mix and match brands to find your perfect style. We’ll install bathrooms from any supplier so you can get the best of all bathroom fixtures in one unique installation

Enjoy peace of mind with our local trusted installers who can take care of everything. Our experienced team have the knowledge, tools and expertise to make your next bathroom project a success.

We can help you ensure the layout of your bathroom work best for your space and our installers are all fully qualified meaning all the technical aspects of your project are fully considered and discussed.

Installing a new bathroom can transform your home

The thought of having the hassle of the bathroom fitting may put you off, but it’s a lot simpler than you’d think. Whatever your budget, you can update your bathroom and it can take as little as five days for bathroom fitting.

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Quality Workmanship

At Add Heat we pride ourselves on our high standard of work taking care of even the smallest detail to ensure you are 100% happy with the service carried out. Our reputation is what we have built our business upon and our attention to detail is what keeps our customers happy.

Expert Advice

With over 25 years experience in the heating industry Add Heat are proud to be able to offer you expert advice and answer any of your central heating questions. We have time served experienced tradesmen to help you whenever you need us. With Add Heat you know you are in safe hands.

Energy Saving

We are home energy savings experts and can provide you with expert advice on how to create and maintain a more energy efficient home or business.

Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Fitting

How much does bathroom fitting cost?

The average cost of installing a new bathroom in the UK is between £4,000 to £6,000. It can cost a lot less depending on what work you are having done.

Installing a new bathroom could be anything from replacing your shower to creating a new bathroom. Depending on how much you are changing, you could need electrical work, building work, pipework, or heating work included.

The price of a new bathroom can also depend on other factors such as the age of your property, the size and your location. Some parts of the UK will be dearer than others.

Don’t forget you also have to remove your old bathroom which can cost between £300 to £1,000. Some councils will take away items for free as part of their bulky waste collection which could cut down on costs.

Can you add a bathroom anywhere in your home?

Yes. If there’s a bit of space to fit the items in, then you should be able to. A bathroom needs access to electrical outlets, ventilation, and insulation, which can be added but it will be more expensive.

Can you fit your own bathroom?

Technically, yes. But bathroom installations are done by trained professionals for a reason. They’ve done it lots of times, they’ll be quicker, and your bathroom will have a professional finish.

You’re going to have to look and use your bathroom for the next 10 or more years. Do you really want wonky tiles or slightly askew radiators?

If, however, you are a DIY enthusiast with some experience you may be able to tackle it yourself or at least some of the tasks. If you’ve never tried your hand at tiling, plastering, or pipework before, then don’t start now.

If you’re really keen on doing something or saving money then giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint after all the major work has been done, is the safest bet.

What tradesmen do I need to fit a bathroom?

It depends on what type of bathroom renovation you’re going for. If you’re creating a new bathroom then you’ll need a builder, plasterer, electrician, and plumber.

If you’re just replacing your bathroom suit, then a plumber will be able to do this. Plumbers can do any job to do with water, which can also include heating.

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What’s involved in bathroom fitting?

Removal of old bathroom

You’ll have to get rid of the contents of your bathroom including the one hundred and one creams and bottles of things that have long since expired.

Once this is done, you need to remove your old bathroom suite. You might have fun removing your old suite yourself by taking a hammer to it or you might have people to help you take it away. If not, ask your bathroom fitters if they can include this as part of your bathroom fitting.

Prepping walls

Your walls may need plastered depending on their condition and what you’re having done to them. If your bathroom is already painted, you might be able to just paint over it.


Your water should be turned off while work is ongoing, and your heating system should be drained. Your bathroom fitters can do this for you.

New waste pipes will probably need to be installed. It’s better to get new ones while your bathroom is being worked on, so they’ll last longer.


Insulation is important everywhere in your home and your bathroom is no exception. Any gaps around windows or doors can be plugged to make your bathroom more energy efficient.


If any electrical work needs to be done, such as installing a new electric shower or installing underfloor heating, then it will be done at this stage of your bathroom fitting.

Underfloor heating is becoming popular for bathrooms. There’s nothing nicer than on a cold day, walking to the bathroom to get ready for work, and setting your feet on a nice warm floor.

Underfloor heating can suit spaces where having a radiator isn’t possible and can be done on existing bathrooms.

Both water and electric underfloor heating can be installed in bathrooms. Water systems are pipes installed over the floor that lets warm water run through the pipes.

Electric underfloor heating is pads with wires that are placed under the floor. It’s best for existing bathrooms or bathroom refurbishments.


As a room that has running water on a daily basis, you want to have adequate ventilation otherwise you could have mould or damp. Ventilation also reduces bacteria and prevents allergens.

If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, ensure there is a vent that can circulate air. If you have a window, you can add a fan to help re-circulate the air when the window is open.


Depending on what you’re getting done, you might need new plasterboard on your walls or you may need them plastered. Then if you are getting tiles, this is completed next. You won’t be able to tile directly onto plasterboard.


Whether you decide on underfloor heating or not you can then install your floor at this point. There is a range of flooring you can choose for your bathroom including tiles, lino, or laminate flooring.

Carpet is not a popular choice, but this can also be used in your bathroom and with underfloor heating.


Your bathroom suite will be installed, along with any other fittings such as lighting. You may be able to fix a light shade yourself or you may decide on spotlights or a pendant which a bathroom fitter can install.

Tips to keep bathroom costs down

A bathroom is a big investment, so you may want to try to lower the cost where you can.

  • Shop around for items

    Often when you see something you really like but it’s a bit out of your budget, you can find an alternative for cheaper. Check different brands for cheaper choices. You can even mix and match brands. If you are happy to pay dearer for your bath but not as much for a vanity unit, then choosing a cheaper brand for your vanity unit will help you save.

  • Don’t change everything

    Maybe it’s only your floor that could do with being replaced or maybe you could keep some items. Look closely at your bathroom and decide if some of it can stay such as your taps.

  • Alternative materials

    Some materials are more expensive than others. Tiles or wooden flooring are generally dearer than lino. While you may like the finish of those types of flooring best, you can get lino that looks just like tiles or wooden flooring.

  • Can you dispose of your bathroom yourself?

    Your local recycling centre will probably take your old bathroom suite if you can get it there.

  • Refurbish

    Sometimes repainting furniture can make them look completely different.

  • Re-grout

    Eventually the grouting in your bathroom can look worn and there may be some stains you may never get out. Re-grouting can really brighten up your bathroom and it costs a lot less than a whole new bathroom.

  • Stick to the same layout

    It may be tempting to shake your bathroom layout up but it will cost less to keep everything as it is.

  • Pick a qualified bathroom fitter

    You may know someone or a friend of a friend who could do the job for cheaper, but this doesn’t often end well. Many tradesmen have been called to fix what another inexperienced fitter has done. If you have to fix mistakes, it’ll cost you more.

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