Wet Room Installation

Are you looking for a stylish, accessible bathroom addition to your home? We offer customised space efficient wet rooms for every property. Check out the wet room installation services from Add Heat and their benefits.

A wet room is an innovative solution in modern home design, characterised by its waterproofed bathroom area where the shower is not enclosed by a tray or cubicle. This open-plan approach offers a seamless, contemporary look, making the entire room a shower area. Equipped with effective drainage and waterproofing, wet rooms are a stylish and practical choice for any home or business.

Benefits of Installing a Wet Room

  • Accessibility

    Wet rooms offer unparalleled accessibility, especially beneficial for those with mobility issues. The level access means there are no steps or thresholds to navigate, reducing the risk of slips and falls. This feature makes entering and exiting the shower area safer and more comfortable for everyone, including the elderly or those with disabilities. Furthermore, wet rooms can also be equipped with additional safety features like grab rails and non-slip flooring, further enhancing their accessibility and making them a safe and practical choice for inclusive bathroom designs.

    Additionally, the open concept of a wet room allows users ample space to manoeuvre, turn around, and complete transferring into shower chairs or benches without obstruction. Therefore, the heightened ease of access facilitates safer showering and decreases the chance of accidents for the elderly, those with disabilities or limited mobility, or anyone else who may struggle with stepping over obstacles or through narrow openings. The generous open space also allows caregivers improved accessibility to assist users as needed.

  • Space Efficiency

    Wet rooms are an ideal solution for maximising space in bathrooms of all sizes, particularly in smaller areas. Their open-plan design eliminates the need for bulky shower enclosures or bathtubs, freeing up valuable floor space. This creates a more open, airy feel in the bathroom, making it appear larger and more inviting. Additionally, the lack of barriers like shower doors or curtains enhances the sense of spaciousness. Wet rooms are not only practical in utilising space but also in adding a modern, minimalist aesthetic to any bathroom.

  • Modern Design

    Wet rooms embody a modern and luxurious aesthetic, significantly enhancing the look and feel of any property. Also, their sleek, streamlined design offers a clean and uncluttered appearance, often featuring high-quality materials like stone, glass, and modern tiles. This contemporary approach to bathroom design not only adds visual appeal but also creates a spa-like atmosphere, bringing a touch of sophistication and elegance. All in all, versatility in design choices allows for customisation to suit personal tastes or branding needs, making wet rooms a stylish addition to both homes and commercial spaces.

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At Add Heat we pride ourselves on our high standard of work taking care of even the smallest detail to ensure you are 100% happy with the service carried out. Our reputation is what we have built our business upon and our attention to detail is what keeps our customers happy.

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With over 25 years experience in the heating industry Add Heat are proud to be able to offer you expert advice and answer any of your central heating questions. We have time served experienced tradesmen to help you whenever you need us. With Add Heat you know you are in safe hands.

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We are home energy savings experts and can provide you with expert advice on how to create and maintain a more energy efficient home or business.

Why choose Add Heat to install your wet room?

With a strong focus on precision and quality, our team brings years of experience to every project. We excel in creating bespoke solutions tailored to individual preferences and requirements.

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the installation, from plumbing to finishing touches, is handled with utmost care.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our track record of successful installations make us a trusted choice for bathroom and wet room projects. Contact us today to install a wet room swiftly and effectively.

Contact Add Heat today for expert advice and a no-obligation quote. We’re here to help make your wet room vision a reality.

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