Benefits of Underfloor Heating

We’ve seen enquiries for underfloor heating increase over recent months as it continues to grow in popularity. So, what is it that makes underfloor heating so popular recently? There are several benefits of underfloor heating making it a popular choice, but what are they? Here we will talk you through them to see if it might be something you too are interested in installing in your home!

Energy Efficiency

The key advantage of underfloor heating is that it is far more efficient than traditional radiators. This is because the floor retains heat much more than radiators do, helping to keep your room a constant temperature for longer. Traditional radiators once turned off loose heat very quickly, so can result in your boiler firing up multiple times to continue to keep the room at a certain temperature. Underfloor heating retains heat, removing the need for your boiler to continue to fire up as the temperature remains constant for much longer.

As a result, your ongoing energy bills could be reduced as your boiler is not working as hard to keep your rooms warm. This will in the long run, reduce your spending on your energy bills.

Overall comfort

Due to the way that underfloor heating works, comfort levels within the room are increased. Any room with underfloor heating installed has a consistent temperature throughout the space, i.e. you don’t have cooler or warmer patches like you tend to get with traditional radiators. Traditional radiators warm up the air around to them and it takes longer for that heat to travel through the room, so if you are sitting near a radiator, you will feel the more of an intense heat than if you are sitting further away. By having a consistent temperature throughout the room helps increase levels of comfort as you can sit anywhere in the room and benefit from the underfloor heating.

Increased levels of hygiene

Underfloor heating is proven to help reduce levels of dust mites and other small insects. Conventional radiators will always allow for cooler areas at ground level, which is where dust mites and the like tend to gather. As underfloor heating generates a consistent temperature across the floor, it is usually too warm for these small bugs to breed and helps eliminate them from the home.

If you suffer from respiratory illnesses, underfloor heating could generate a vast improvement to your health due to the reduction of dust mites in the atmosphere.

Flexibility in room temperature

Unlike traditional heating systems where there is one thermostat for the whole house, underfloor heating comes with individual thermostats for each room. This can help control your energy consumption as you no longer need to heat up rooms that may not require it. For example, you may not what the thermostat to be as high in the kitchen as in the living room as the kitchen is usually warmer due to the cooking activity going on!

Overall, underfloor heating has multiple benefits covering health, energy consumption and comfort. If it sounds like something you would be interested in finding out more about, contact us and we can go through the options with you in more detail.

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