Famous Faces of Knutsford

One of the areas we provide plumbing and heating to is Knutsford. This charming village has a host of famous faces that live in and around the area.

About Knutsford

Knutsford is part of the Golden Triangle of Cheshire which includes Wilmslow, Alderly Edge, and Knutsford.

Just 14 miles Southwest of Manchester, it is a haven that’s convenient to the big city and Manchester Airport but is a quaint town surrounded by countryside.

In 2017 Knutsford was voted the best place to live in the North West and it’s not hard to see why with its narrow streets lined with restaurants, shops, and bustling bars.

Houses in the area can fetch over three million and Knutsford is home to three luxury car dealerships including Bentley.

It’s no surprise then that this charming town is a popular haunt for celebrities.

Famous faces of Knutsford

Knutsford has a long history of being the home to many a famous face.

Elizabeth Gaskell

Gaskell was a novelist in the Victorian era. She lived in Knutsford with her aunt and based her novel Cranford on the town. Cranford was later adapted for a successful TV series staring big names such as Judi Dench and Imelda Staunton. Unfortunately, most of the series wasn’t filmed in Knutsford.

When Elizabeth married, she moved to Manchester but the street she lived in is now called Gaskell Avenue. The street is lined with stunning listed Georgian terraces that take you back to Elizabeth’s era with their red brick fronts and period features.

Edward ‘Highway’ Higgins

Elizabeth Gaskell wasn’t the only famous face who lived on Gaskell Avenue. Edward Higgins was her neighbour and a thief.

He bought a large house and stables in Knutsford and was welcomed into the local high society, unbeknownst to them, he was a convicted thief. He spent his time robbing coaches and breaking into houses further afield which led to him murdering one of the occupants and her servant.

Wayne and Colleen Rooney

On the outskirts of Knutsford, England footballer Wayne and his wife built a £20 mansion with a swimming pool, cinema, and gym.

Gary Barlow

Take That singer, Gary Barlow, lived on Bexton Road in Knutsford and frequented restaurants in the town.

Jordan Henderson

Liverpool’s Henderson reportedly bought two neighbouring houses in Knutsford for a hefty £1.5 million. It was reported that he intended to demolish the houses to create a super mansion.

Barbara Knox

You may know Barbara better as Rita from Coronation Street. A resident of WA16, Barbara is well-known for her portrayal of red-headed Rita since 1972.

Barbara was awarded a MBE in 2010 for her services to the drama and won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Soap Awards.

Jordan Pickford

Another famous footballer, Jordan Pickford, who plays for Everton lives in Knutsford.

He bought a £2.1 million mansion that overlooks the green of the local golf course. His mansion includes a home cinema, jacuzzi, and five bedrooms.

It’s no surprise he can buy such an extravagant house as he was the most expensive stopper in British history.

John Stones

Manchester City footballer John Stones bought a five bed home in Knutsford in 2016.

Stones planned a two-storey extension for a gym with a cryo spa ice bath.

But he’s in some trouble with the planning department because he built a wall too high and didn’t have permission for it. This may result in him having to tear the wall down on his £3.4 million home.

His home has a lake view and already has a swimming pool, games room, and media room. It is set in two acres of landscaped grounds which leads to a jetty.

Ruby Barnhill

Ruby was born in Knutsford in 2004 and played a lead role in Steven Spielberg’s 2016 film The BFG.

She has gone on to do anime and voice overs among various other projects.

Other notable figures who resided in Knutsford include several athletes.

Tom Barber, an English professional golfer, Lucy Morton, a gold medallist swimmer, and Emma Davies, an Olympic cyclist was born in Knutsford in 1978.

Along with its famous residents, Knutsford attracts many other stars that can be sighted around the town. Football stars such as Peter Crouch and Gary Lineker have been spotted along with cricketer Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff.

Flintoff bought a house nearby but never lived in (it’s alright for some).

Famous Places of Knutsford

Not only are there some famous faces in Knutsford but there are also some famous places too.

The Oscar-winning biopic “Patton” was partly filmed at the Old Town Hall.

For Steven Spielberg’s 1987 film, Empire of the Sun, Legh Road was used in the opening scenes.

The Italian villas were the location for the childhood home of Jim, who was played by a young Christian Bale.

Where to spot celebs in Knutsford

While there are many famous faces who live in Knutsford, there’s also a lot of familiar faces who pass through the picturesque town.

If you’re in the area and want to spot a famous face or two, you’re most likely to see them shopping on King’s Street or at the expansive golf course at The Mere.

The luxury car dealerships are also a good bet to see a celebrity perusing the very expensive and very shiny range of cars.

Another famous face location surprisingly is Moto, the service station just off the M6. It’s seen an array of celebs pass through its doors including Ronaldinho, the famous Brazilian football player, and Olly Murs who was on his way to Soccer Aid.

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