How Important is Boiler Cleaning, Servicing and Repair?

A working boiler can often be overlooked yet is essential for a working business or domestic property. No one pays much attention to it until there is a problem. So it is important for your boiler to be working properly and efficiently. As the cold weather kicks in the worst thing to happen can be a boiler breakdown. But there are things you can do before it happens to minimise the risk and make sure it is running cost efficiently throughout its lifetime.

Boiler servicing helps avoid sudden expenses

You can bet that once the cold weather does hit, when it is more important than ever to have a heating system warming all parts of your business or home, that is exactly the time the boiler decides to break down.

However, with regular servicing it will continue to operate efficiently and safely. Often, small problems when left can become bigger ones. A regular service check by a qualified engineer makes sure undetected problems don’t escalate, thereby helping save money on costly faults or early boiler replacement.

A boiler warranty might also include requirements for a regular service. It might also be a requirement of a building insurance policy which can often specify regular boiler servicing and cleaning to ensure it is safe.

Why is boiler cleaning important?

A regularly cleaned boiler system helps it remain efficient and safe, but it is also a consideration many people often overlook. Whenever water is used in a system it can either leak, become choked with scale, corrode internal equipment or be subject to a process of microbial fouling (sludge).

When steam processes mix with hard water that is when limescale develops which limits the boiler’s capacity to work efficiently. This build up can also result in overheating which is when the risks of failure or explosion are increased. Cleaning a boiler runs chemicals through the system to descale any buildup on pipes and equipment and ensure all components are working intended.

Ensuring boiler safety

Boilers are a feature in every building in the UK and there are safety considerations to be aware of. For instance the HSE are clear in their safety guidance when it comes to boilers. If any gas appliance isn’t properly installed and maintained, the risks of explosions, fire or carbon monoxide poisoning are increased.

According to the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE), the cost of regularly maintaining a boiler can be significantly less that having to replace or fix an appliance that breaks down. For most UK households it is one of the most expensive appliances to replace and for businesses it can significantly affect the daily operational output. No one wants to work in a cold office, unit or factory, or have to use freezing water to wash with.

Five reasons to get your boiler cleaned and serviced regularly:

  1. It is cost efficient – In the long run, having an annual boiler service schedule in place will save money on costly repairs, fault finding and having a boiler that is performing at its best 100 percent of the time. A servicing plan can be relatively inexpensive.
  1. Avoiding breakdown – Having to deal with an unexpected boiler breakdown can be costly and inconvenient. Knowing your boiler has been checked, cleaned and serviced will minimise potential problems before they become big problems.
  1. Complying with manufacturer’s warranty – When a boiler isn’t cleaned and serviced, it can fall outside the warranty provided by the installer or manufacturer, meaning any faults are no longer covered.
  1. Preventing accidents – A regular service ensures that any faults or safety concerns are picked up before they become a hazard to household occupants or business employees.
  1. Your boiler lasts longer – A properly working boiler isn’t just efficient, it will last longer too. Unmaintained boilers will break down more often, through poor water pressure from blocked pipes, electrical wear and tear and constant usage.

A working boiler gives you peace of mind. A regular cleaning and service schedule should be a fixed date in the calendar to prevent unnecessary repair costs and ice cold premises. Having a good understanding of the requirements for a healthy boiler is one of the more important aspects of any business or home owner.

Servicing and cleaning will save money over time. Aside from fault checking, it allows the boiler to continue to run efficiently, costing less to operate and maximising the boiler’s life expectancy.

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