How Saving Water Can Save You Money and the Environment!

Although summer may be coming to an end and the threat of droughts is reduced, it’s still a good idea to continue to monitor your water usage. Our planet’s water is scarce and we are starting to run low on water across the globe, so small changes you can make in your home can help ensure the planet has enough water for generations to come!

The first one may be obvious, but it does have a condition; take showers instead of baths. However, a 15-minute shower can use nearly as much water as a bath, so still be alert when you’re in the shower! We know that some people enjoy a long shower and can use it as a way of relaxing. However, the next time you’re under the shower head, have a think about how long you’ve been there and try to reduce your water usage.

Another simple tip is to simply turn the taps off when you’re brushing your teeth! It may sound obvious, but some people don’t, and this can waste up to 6 litres of water a minute, which is a lot if you’re brush your teeth for the suggested 2 minutes!

Leaky taps within the bathroom or garden are also prime suspects for water wastage! As much as 60 litres can be lost straight down the drain to dripping taps. Not only that, they can cause irritating drip noises, so fix that and remove the annoyance whilst saving the planet!

Other simple ways to help preserve water & energy include only filling the kettle with the amount of water you need and only putting your dishwasher on when it is full. Half loaded dishwashers still use the same amount of water as a full one, and simply isn’t needed!

So next time you’re having a shower, making a cup of tea or tidying up after dinner, be sure to think about the water you’re using and don’t waste if possible. And if you have noticed a leaking tap or suspect one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can fix it for you!

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