How to Plan a Bathroom 

Planning a bathroom doesn’t have to be stressful.  

We take you through the different stages of planning a bathroom for your home, how much it may cost, how to arrange the fixtures, and how long it takes.  

How do you arrange your bathroom? 

There are no set bathroom layout rules.  

Deciding on what way to arrange your bathroom will depend on numerous factors.  

If you plan on staying in your home as you get older or need to plan for elderly family members, you should consider what you will need in the future. Is a bath going to be practical? Maybe a wet room would be easier for reduced mobility and easier to maintain.  

You should also consider how many people are going to be using your bathroom and if it’s worth the cost of moving your bathroom fixtures that are already there.  

How long does it take to fit a bathroom?

It can take a couple of days at least and a week at most if it includes redoing electrics or plumbing.  

How to plan a bathroom step by step

Here are the steps you should take when planning your new bathroom. 

Assess Your Needs and Wants 

Think about what you need from your bathroom. Do you need to think about reduced mobility in the future? 

If there are a lot of people using it, do you need a double vanity? How much storage will you need? Does the storage you have now suit your needs? 

For your wants, you can list all your dream items such as heated floors, a rainfall shower, or another luxury that would create your dream bathroom. 

Measure your space 

Use a measuring tape to record the dimensions of your bathroom and don’t forget windows, doors, and the current fixtures.  

You can then create your bathroom design on paper or using a digital tool.  

Ask your tradesman to measure the space too before ordering any of your items or flooring just to make sure it’s correct. 

Choose your bathroom layout 

Having decided on what you need from your bathroom, you can choose what type of bathroom layout you want.  

You can simply keep things as they are, which will keep costs down. Or if you do need to move items, think about what layout will give you the most space.  

Be inspired 

This is one of the most exciting parts of planning your bathroom.  

You get to look for inspiration on Pinterest, in magazines, or elsewhere online.  

Choose from modern, traditional, rustic, retro, or luxury designs.  

You can create a mood board to put all your fixtures and ideas together to ensure they all work well together and create the feel you want.  

Choose bathroom fixtures 

When choosing bathroom fixtures, ensure they are the correct size and that they have any features you want.  

At Add Heat, we are an independent company, so you can mix and match brands to suit your budget instead of being limited by a certain range.  

If you are eco-conscious, check what the water efficiency ratings are on your fixtures and choose eco-friendly materials such as bamboo. 

Bathroom ventilation 

Ensuring good ventilation in your bathroom is very important. Damp can create mould which not only looks dirty but can impact your health.  

If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, having proper ventilation is especially important. You will need to ensure there is a vent that can circulate air and if you do have a window, you can add a fan to help re-circulate the air when the window is open.  

Bathroom storage 

Think about everything you need to store in your bathroom and ensure you have the storage for all of it.  

There are lots of ways to maximise your space, such as having bath panels with hidden storage and bathroom organizers.  

Bathroom lighting 

Having a soft glow in your bathroom may seem cosy but remember for tasks such as shaving, you will need to have adequate lighting.  

You can also add accent lighting to highlight design elements or provide more light.  

Bathroom flooring 

There are many options for flooring, each with their own pros and cons. Some will be more cost effective such as vinyl, linoleum, while others can be more robust but more expensive such as tile or concrete.  

Think about not just the look but how easy it is to maintain. Options like stone or bamboo require more maintenance to retain their look and water resistance. 

Bathroom wall decor 

There’s a wide range of materials you can use to decorate your walls in your bathroom.  

Whether you choose paint, paper, tile, wood, or plastic panels, make sure it is suitable for a bathroom.  

Wood can expand when it absorbs moisture, and certain paints aren’t waterproof, so ensure you get the right material.  

Bathroom heating 

For smaller bathrooms in particular or for a luxury feel, underfloor heating is a great idea.  

There’s no need for radiators, which frees up space and stepping on to a nice warm floor in the winter can be worth the investment.  


The average price of installing a new bathroom is between £4,000 to £6,000. This will depend on the extent of the work you are having done along with the size of your bathroom and your location.  

Pick the right bathroom installers 

A lot of issues when getting work done on your home, comes from not having the right people do the job.  

Make sure you find experienced and qualified bathroom installers. Check reviews and ask for references to ensure they are good to work with.  

Bathroom installations with Add Heat 

Planning your bathroom doesn’t have to be stressful and you can have a wide range of options that means you can stay within your budget.  

At Add Heat, we are a family run company covering all of Cheshire, and help you improve your home within your budget. 

We are Gas Safe registered OFTEC Registered and are independent, so you can choose from a range of brands to suit your budget.  

To discuss your new bathroom, contact us today.  

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