Is Alderley Edge a Nice Place to Live?

Arriving in Alderley Edge you’ll find tree lined streets and people sitting outside the cafes having a coffee and a chat.

This English town is a hub for celebs and footballers and it’s not hard to see why. Situated near Manchester but surrounded by beautiful countryside, it’s both a convenient location and a tranquil haven.

Where is Alderley Edge?

Alderley Edge is about an hour from Manchester and half an hour from Manchester airport, making it a convenient spot to commute from.

It is situated in Cheshire East County, beside the village of Wilmslow.

It is part of the golden triangle which encompasses Alderley Edge, Prestbury, and Wilmslow. The golden triangle is an affluent area which attracts celebs and footballers.

How do you get to Alderley Edge?

There are plenty of trains operating every day into Alderley Edge.

From London to Alderley Edge, it takes around five hours with 75 trains to Alderley Edge every day.

From Manchester Piccadilly to Alderley Edge, it takes 38 minutes, but the fast service only takes 19 minutes.

The train station is in the centre of Alderley Edge, meaning you can step straight off the train and walk down through the town.

Alderley Edge population

In the 2021 census, the population for Alderley Edge was 4,777 people.

While it is a popular area, it’s still a small town, making it quiet but it still has a buzz about it.

History of Alderley Edge

Alderley Edge has a long history as it was listed in the Doomsday book, known then as Aldredelie.

It was then known as Chorlegh in the 13th Century, but its name was changed in part because the new railway station didn’t want it confused with Chorley in Lancashire.

It also got its new name from the sandstone escarpment known as the edge.

Alderley Edge was a small, mainly agricultural town, until the railway made it convenient to the big cities and it started to grow.

Alderley Edge has a famous legend about a wizard and businesses in the town have been named after this, including the Wizards Thatch Hotel.

The legend goes that a farmer was on his way to a nearby town to sell his white horse. An old man stopped him and offered to buy the horse, but the farmer refused thinking he could get more for it.

The old man told the farmer that he wouldn’t be able to sell his horse and to bring it back to him. The farmer carried on but wasn’t able to sell his horse like the old man had predicted.

Walking home, the farmer saw the old man again who told the farmer to follow him. He touched a rock which became a pair of iron gates. The old man led the farmer through the gates into a cave where sleeping men and horses lay. The old man said they would awaken and have a great battle to save their country and took the mans white horse to add to them.

Some say the sleeping warriors where King Arthur and his knights.

Today, there is a wizards face carved into a cliff in Alderley Edge to mark this vivid myth.

Things to do in Alderley Edge

There is plenty to do in Alderley Edge whether you’re thinking of moving to the area or just popping by for a visit.

As a haunt for the rich and famous, it’s no surprise that Alderley Edge has lots of shops, restaurants, and bars.

One such restaurant is Luciano, an upmarket Italian owned by Gino D’Campo.

Or the Bubble Room is a celeb hot spot for a tipple after you’ve had a nice dinner at Gino’s.

If you want a chilled-out weekend, then Alderley Edge has beautiful countryside surrounding it.

There’s Alderley Edge Forest and the famous red sandstone escarpment which has views over the Cheshire Plain. Covered in woodland and open pastures, with the highest point on the edge originally a Bronze Age burial site. It’s an idyllic place to talk a stroll and enjoy some peace and quiet.

For a bit of history, visit the copper mines. Mining at Alderley Edge is more than 4,000 years old before it stopped in the 20th century.

Alderley Edge has the oldest known metal mining site in England with prehistoric tools found here form the 1870s.

The romans also used the mines here with roman coins found at Engine Vine mine.

There’s also lots of historic buildings such as Tatton Park, an 18th century country house set in 2,000 acres of gardens.

Or Bramall, a Tudor Hall with impressive wood panelling that overlooks a lake.

Cost of houses in Alderley Edge

As Alderley Edge is an affluent area, the house prices match this popularity with Alderley Edge and Prestbury being the most expensive places to buy in Cheshire.

The cost of houses has increased by 8% since 2021, and 11% since 2019.

The average price of a detached property in Alderley Edge is £1,552,000 and the average Alderley Edge property goes for £730,291.

You might have a bit more saving to do if you want to move here.

What is Alderley Edge famous for?

Originally known for its mines, it is now known for being a hangout for celebs, multi-millionaires, and footballers.

What celebrities live in Alderley Edge?

There has been a range of famous faces who have lived in Alderley Edge including David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a three-storey house here from 2006 until 2009 which was worth £3.25 million.

Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan also lived here along with other soap stars.

The town also created celebrity tours which brought you around the town and pointed out celeb’s houses.

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