Up to 12 Years Warranty on Worcester Lifestyle Boilers

With Add Heat you can now receive up to 12 years guarantee on Worcester Greenstar Lifestyle boilers when installed with any Greenstar System Filter. We are a Worcester Gold Accredited Installer, which means we can bring you special offers on Worcester Boilers and extended warranties.

At Add Heat, we understand that buying a new boiler can be a big decision, which is why we are Worcester Gold Accredited, so that we can offer Worcester boilers with their extended warranties.

Whether you are looking for our expert advice and guidance, or want to understand the different types of boilers and heating systems available, we are here to help.

Getting the right warranty for your boiler

The right warranty could be the deciding factor between one boiler and another.

The longer the manufacturer is prepared to give a warranty for, the more confidence they have in their boiler that it will not break and need repaired, otherwise they will have to foot the bill.

A boiler is essential to keep your home warm and provide hot water but it’s a big investment. A guarantee gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected for longer.

At Add Heat we offer a 12-year guarantee to protect your Worcester Bosch boilers for longer, saving you money and inconvenience.

When you rely so heavily upon your heating system it is best to get the longest possible warranty or guarantee to protect you from any potential problems.

It gives you peace of mind that in the unlikely event it does happen to break, you won’t be out of pocket or without heating for long.

Why get a new boiler?

Maybe you’ve noticed you’re heating isn’t as efficient as it once was, or maybe your boiler is heading towards a milestone birthday.

There are lots of reasons you might be considering a new boiler.

Your home takes longer to heat up

If your radiators are taking longer than usual to warm, then there could be a blockage. You can try bleeding your radiators first or call an engineer if this doesn’t work.

Different smell or noises

If there is any kind of smell coming from your boiler, you need to get this checked immediately.

The same goes for any noises that are not usual for your boiler.


If your heating bill seems to keep rising even when the heat in your house isn’t, then your heating is not energy efficient. Newer boilers will be energy efficient which are better for the planet and for your pocket.


If your boiler is ten years of age or more, it might be time for a replacement. The older your boiler, the less efficient it will be. It may also be difficult to get parts to repair it, making it more expensive to maintain.

About Worcester boilers

Want a boiler that’s good enough for The Queen? Get a Worchester Bosch. Their boilers are used in Her Majesty’s Sandringham Estate.

They have also won seven Which? Best Buy awards in a row.

They are the UK market leader in domestic boilers because of the quality heating systems they have produced over their 50 years in business.

Worcester boilers

Worcester has a range of innovative, sleek, and powerful boilers.

Worcester Greenstar lifestyle range

This boiler has a modern new design with a black gloss finish. It is the most powerful and connected wall hung boiler, making it suitable for any home, even larger ones with two or more bathrooms.

Its innovative new features keep your home warm and the boiler at its best. These include delivering up to 50kW with the highest hot water flow rates of any wall hung combi-boiler on the market.

With the optional intelligent filling system, you no longer have to manually top up the pressure on your system when it drops.

This new technology keeps your system pressure maintained. If your pressure drops, it will automatically re-fill and heat the system to an optimum level.  

The full colour boiler display makes it easy to see and use, so you’re not pressing buttons in the hope that one of them will do what you want it to.

Coming home from work and got caught in the rain? You can control your heating and hot water from anywhere with Bosch EasyControl, the wireless boiler controls and smart thermostat.

Worcester Greenstar 8000 Life

Worchester Greenstar 8000 Life builds on the high-quality of previous versions with new additions.

It has outputs of up to 50kW for combi and regular boilers and outputs up to 35kW for the system.

This next generation boiler has the same pipe connections, flue, and fixing points as the CDi Classic for a ‘simple switch’. Also similar to the CDi Classic is the diagnostic codes on the newly improved push-button LCD display.

When installed with any Greenstar System filter, it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Greenstar 8000 style

This sleek design boiler is available in gloss black and white. It has all the benefits of the Greenstar 8000 Life and is a premium quality heating and hot water system.

It has up to 50kW available in the combi and up to 35kW in the system.

The pioneering full colour touchscreen display shows detailed text and has an intuitive menu for quick diagnosis, fault-finding, and commissioning.

This new design boiler has more power, greater connectivity and is one of quietest boilers you can get.

What’s the difference between a warranty and a guarantee?

The Worcester Bosch is unlike most other manufacturers as they offer a guarantee, not a warranty.

Boilerguide report Worcester Bosch has one of the best boiler guarantees among boiler manufacturers.

A guarantee and a warranty have one difference. A guarantee is a promise to repair your boiler no matter what the cause.

A warranty will only cover repairs if it is a manufacturing fault.

Why do you need a guarantee or warranty?

The most obvious reason for a guarantee is to save you money when your boiler breaks down.

If your boiler is under guarantee, then the manufacturer will fix this for you without any inconvenience or cost for you.

If your boiler breaks suddenly you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of winter with no heating and a long waiting list for an engineer.

A guarantee gives you peace of mind that you won’t have that problem.

Home insurance more than likely won’t cover any issues with your boiler unless you have this added to your insurance.

Worcester boiler warranty

For most boilers there is a one-year standard warranty. Worcester boilers have a standard of between 2 to 10 years.

Worcester 12-year warranty offer on Worcester Lifestyle boilers

Add Heat are a Worchester gold accredited installer meaning we can offer special offers and extended warranties.

You can get up to 12 years guarantee on Worcester Greenstar Lifestyle boilers when they are installed with any Greenstar system filter.

We can offer an extended warranty because we have faith that Worcester boilers are high-quality, and it is very unlikely you will have any problems with them.

What does a guarantee cover?

A guarantee covers against any material or manufacturing faults for the duration of your guarantee.

It covers any fault your boiler may have for up to 12 years.

It is a legal promise that Worcester Bosch will replace or repair your boiler issues within a certain timeframe.

There’s no waiting to find an available engineer or having to deal with a repair that drags on for weeks.

What voids a boiler guarantee?

If you do not service, your boiler on a yearly basis then your warranty or guarantee will not be valid.

If the boiler is not correctly installed it can lead to your guarantee being invalid which is why you should use an accredited engineer.

You must register your boiler within 30 days from it is installed.

You should get documents regarding your guarantee but if you don’t or misplace them, you can always check on the Worcester Bosch website for all their guarantee Terms and Conditions.

How to check if your boiler is in warranty or guarantee?

You can check with your manufacturer if your boiler is under guarantee.

For Worcester Bosch boilers you can use the serial number to check your guarantee online.

Installing your boiler

Make sure you pick the right engineer

It is best to get an accredited Worcester boiler installer to fit your boiler to ensure it is done to the best standard possible and to get a longer guarantee.

At Add Heat we ensure a high standard of workmanship and professionalism. We are accredited and monitored by several trade and industry bodies.

We are:

We cover a large area of approximately a 20 miles radius of Macclesfield, bringing excellent customer service from our family run business.

With over 25 years of experience, we install over 500 boilers a year making us experts in heating.

It is important to ensure your boiler is installed by an accredited and experienced engineer to ensure your guarantee is valid.

Choose finance options

You can spread the cost of a new boiler and the installation for a small monthly payment.

This will take the worry away of having to replace your boiler, especially if it breaks suddenly.

Once you have chosen the right boiler, engineer, and finance options to suit you, you can register your guarantee once your boiler is installed.

Register your guarantee

You must register your boiler online within 30 days of installation. Your guarantee will then begin from the date your boiler was installed.

An annual service needs to be completed for your guarantee to stay valid. You must do this for every year your boiler is under warranty.

You can register your guarantee online or phone guarantee registration enquiries on 0330 123 2552.

How to get the most from your boiler

Inspect your boiler

You don’t have to be an engineer to check your boiler. Have a look at your boiler every now and again to check if seals are intact and check there are no icons on your display.

Check there are no leaks or signs of leaking from your overflow pipe and that the flame is blue, not yellow or any other colour.

Keep your boiler ventilated

Your boiler will usually be situated in a storage area of your home. Make sure you don’t pile up coats, towels, or anything else against it.

Which leads us to our next point.

Check your carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, so ensure you have a working carbon monoxide alarm.

These alarms can last for years and should have the date on the alarm for you to see.

Press the button on your alarm every so often (even if it is still in date) to check it is working. It could save the life of your family and yourself.

Service your boiler

Just like servicing your car, a boiler service keeps your boiler running at its best.

It reduces the likelihood of it breaking suddenly and leaving you without heat or hot water.

It also maintains your boiler, so it has a longer life, which saves you money on repairs and having to buy a new boiler.

Check your pressure

With a Worcester Bosch boiler you shouldn’t need to check your pressure as their boilers have innovative technology to keep your pressure maintained.

A boiler needs to be at a certain pressure to enable it to send hot water around your home.

The pressure gauge on your boiler should indicate the level it should be sitting at.

Check your radiators

You will soon notice if your house takes longer to heat up or doesn’t seem to be as warm as usual.

The first thing to check is your radiators. When your heating is on, carefully check each of your radiators to see if there is any cold areas.

If there is then simply use a radiator key to adjust the knob on each radiator.

Make sure to put an old towel or rag under the knob to catch any water that leaks out. The last thing you want is to damage your flooring.

Include an engineer’s number on your boiler

In the event of your boiler breaking, it is best to have an emergency number on your boiler, making it quick and convenient to get the problem sorted.

At Add Heat our numbers are:

Wilmslow: 01625 464 235

Cheadle: 0161 667 1490

You should also have a note of when your boiler was last serviced on your boiler along with the manufacturers phone number for your convenience.

A boiler is essential for your comfort in your home but it’s a big investment. Make sure to get the longest guarantee you can to keep your money where it’s supposed to be, in your pocket.

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