Is Macclesfield a Nice Area to Live?

Macclesfield in Cheshire, England, is a quaint town surrounded by hills and fields but still close to thriving Manchester.

It was once famous for its silk industry but is now known as an affluent area that attracts celebrities and footballers.

Where is Macclesfield?

Macclesfield is in Cheshire East, in Cheshire England. South of Manchester, it takes less than an hour to get to the big city but is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

It is just 10 minutes from the Peak District beside the River Bollin and on the edge of Cheshire Plain.

Macclesfield is part of the ‘golden triangle’ or ‘football belt’. This is an area that encompasses Alderley edge, Prestbury, and Wilmslow and everything inside.

It’s known as the ‘golden triangle’ because it is a wealthy area that attracts footballers, especially from Manchester and Liverpool football clubs because these are the nearest cities.

How do you get to Macclesfield?

From Manchester Piccadilly, it takes just 20 minutes to get the train into Macclesfield station.

From London Euston, it takes 1 hour 47 min to get into Macclesfield train station.

Macclesfield population

Macclefield’s population has been increasing and in the 2021 Census there were 57,539 people living in Macclesfield.

Macclesfield’s History

Macclesfield put itself on the map by being a major silk-manufacturing town. They were known for their silk button industry from the middle of the 17th Century which is why another nickname for the town is ‘silk town’.

How old is Macclesfield town?

Macclesfield was present in the Domesday Book which was created in 1085, so Macclesfield is nearly 1,000 years old at least.

It was known as Maclesfeld named after Macles or Michael.

Things to do in Macclesfield

While Macclesfield has an advantageous location near to Manchester and the Peak District, there is plenty to do in the town itself.

From nature walks to pubs, libraries, bowling, gyms, golf clubs, restaurants, and historic buildings. There’s a host of activities for you whether you want to relax or have a bit of fun.

If it’s nature you’ve come to enjoy, then there are plenty of parks and walking trails. Walking routes include the heritage trail, West Park, Macclesfield Forest, and Tegg’s Nose Country Park.

These trails take you through fields, across hills, and along rivers as the water glides by lazily.

Or perhaps historic buildings are your interest. Well, Macclesfield has many listed buildings including the Paradise Mill and Silk Museum. You can tour the mill and see what it was like to have worked there and made silk many years ago.

There are also huge manor houses such as Adlington Hall. A country home that belonged to the Leghs family and is 700 years old. With a beautiful Georgian front where white pillars stand like an ancient Grecian temple. The back of the house is a completely different style with a wood-timbre façade.

Set in a 2000-acre estate with landscaped gardens, and a river, you can spend all day immersing yourself in nature.

If it’s something more lively you’re looking for then there are plenty of festivals held in Macclesfield throughout the year such as Macclesfield Festival, a family friendly event with music, entertainment, stalls, and a fun fair.

Or maybe you just want to take a stroll through the town and visit the market. Treacle Market is one of the largest artisan markets in the Northwest and takes place on the last Sunday of every month. The cobbled streets are filled with over 140 stalls with food, books, and antiques.

Famous faces of Macclesfield

As part of the ‘golden triangle’ Macclesfield has its fair share of celebs and footballers such as Gary Barlow.

It’s been home to members of famous UK bands such as The 1985 who formed in Wimslow High School and members of New Order and Joy Division.

The eccentric Noddy Holder lives in Macclesfield. Lead singer from the band Slade who are most popular for their Christmas hit ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’. Played on repeat every Christmas, there isn’t one person in the UK who doesn’t know the words.

A notable resident is Jonathan Agnew. Born in 1960 in Macclesfield, he became a cricketer, playing three Tests for England. He went on to become BBC’s cricket correspondent.

While ex-footballer Robbie Savage, isn’t from the town, he invested in Macclesfield Football club which reopened in 2022. It was transformed from an overgrown wreck into an impressive new stadium. Robbie as well as investing, is the Head of Football Operations at the new Macclesfield Stadium.

Cost of Houses in Macclesfield

Macclesfield is an affluent town with the average selling price of a detached property at £775,010, for semi-detached properties £286,699, and for a terraced house £225,387.

These prices have increased as much as 125% from 2021.

Cost of living in Macclesfield

As one of the wealthiest towns in North England, it’s no surprise that Cheshire East has the highest annual energy bills. The average household energy bill is £3,811. Of course, this has increased due to the cost-of-living crisis by a massive £2,000.

The cost of home heating oil in Macclesfield costs between £934 and £1,416 for 1,000 litres of oil.

Businesses in Macclesfield

There are businesses who are struggling with the increase in bills such as the Wet Led Bar on Church Street and The Copper Room restaurant in Chestergate who both had to close.

But there are plenty of new businesses opening, with 21 new shops opening their doors this year, including Lola Loves in Chestergate, All Things Nice Bakery and Deli, and a new print shop that opened in Macclesfield open market.

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